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Let all residents within your community know what is happening. I can create an online events calendar. You can even sell tickets online for your events.


Your new website will become a portal for online communications. Social media feeds can be embedded and linked to. Blogs created allowing for two way feedback. With a unique domain name, email addresses can be created.


It is crucial to engage with your residents; a neighbourhood plan depends upon it. Creating a website to host your plan and engage with your residents is a key step to a successful plan.



Community Focus



Creating Websites and Content Management Systems

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A small parish council we created their site in 2016 and it was well received allowing councillors and residents to easily access documents and information

This Parish Council website is well managed by the Clerk who uses it to communicate agendas to councillors.  Training to manage your site is included in the cost.  

Commissioned to create this site in June 2017 we spent time researching the area in order to create a multi-purpose site.  In addition to providing an online portal for the parish council this site also equips visitors and tourists with useful background information about the local area.

In the absence of a county plan many communities are creating their own neighbourhood plans.  A neighbourhood plan will become a statutory document and will guide development in your area for the next 20 years.  We created the Gainford Neighbourhood Plan site in September 2017. 

This website is currently under construction.  I recently enjoyed a trip around this picturesque parish, taking photographs and researching the area. This service is included in every site I develop.

Another site under construction. I met with Parish Councillors recently to take instruction as to how they wish their site to be a focus for both residents and visitors. 


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